Our company was founded upon the principle of helping people achieve their goals - technologically and artistically - and doing our part to keep both skill-sets alive and prospering.

The people of the Middle Ages, especially the craftsmen, were changed forever by the advent of technology, much as the average person and business today are changed forever by the advent of the Internet. Thatching a roof or creating a website – skilled experts are invaluable. It is a perpetual struggle to blend art and technology, to bring the old-world and new-world together, while maintaining and encouraging high standards in all trades. We at Purple Rose Enterprises believe our company helps bridge that gap.

After listening to others complain about money wasted on websites they didn’t like or for services they didn’t receive or need, our owner and founder, Michael J. Caro, created a company to chase away “nightmare” technicians. We are here to help the small business or the person just trying to get a foot in the technological door, become the artist of your own domain.

profileMichael has over 15 years experience performing Computer Support and Website Design/Redesign services.  He personally performs many of our consultations and takes an active interest in the community. He is a member of the Lakeside Business Assocation and a participant in the Henrico Advantage Card program. He also volunteers as an instructor at the Employment Tranisition Center in Henrico.